Are you a “good”!?
Hardcore, Gabber, Oldschool, Uptempo, Industrial, Frenchcore or Terror DJ?
And you always wanted to have your own weekly or montly show on the radio!
Can you do a live mix with cam & with good sound from your mixer?

Then contact us here and maybe we welcome you to the DCFM team!!!

What do you need to go live on DutchCoreFM?
1. A PC or MAC with a good internet (upload) internet connection connected with a good UTP cable Cat5e or Cat6 (No WIFI!)
2. OBS Studio or OBS Classic installed.(freeware)
3. (HD) Webcam
4. a direct sound connection from your mixer to your PC or MAC. (No webcam or phone sound).

OBS Classic/Studio settings:
Video Resolution: Standard cam resolution or max 720p (1280 x 720), 30 frames per second.
Video bit rate 500Kbps(min) to 1500Kbps(max).
Audio Bitrate: 128Kbps Stereo.
Audio Sample Rate: 44.1 KHz.
240 minute (4 hour) maximum length.
If the fps is lower then 30fps (lower right in OBS) then lower the video bitrate.

To start a stream on Facebook go to the DutchCore.FM Page i will give you access at the time before you are gona do a live mix,
At the DutchCore.FM click on “Publishing Tools”, on the left click on “Videos” and then click “Live” on the top right. Paste the link given in OBS and go LIVE!

Other Stuff:
To record your mix with your pc use Audacity.
To save you mixes in *.mp3 you need this Lame Codec.

Open Stream directly on your pc or phone: (64kbps) (192kbps) (320kbps)